Caren Hahn

Sensitive topics portrayed in Lost in Owl Creek

As a mother of six, I understand the fear of losing a child. While most parents will never have to experience the horror of seeing their worst nightmare come true, I recognize that this topic may be unsettling for readers. As an author, I’ve attempted to treat the subject of child abduction sensitively and without gratuitous indulgence—while maintaining the necessary gravitas such a serious topic requires.

Lost in Owl Creek is low on graphic description and high on emotional resonance, but out of respect for any readers who are unsure about proceeding, here is a low-spoiler list of some of the more triggering subjects:

References to violent acts against children which take place off the page:

Child abduction

Child death

Sexual assault of a child

Other potentially triggering depictions which take place on the page:

Shooting and stabbing violence between adults

A child's dead body is discovered

Eating disorder compulsions and related conversations

A false pregnancy

As an author, I’ve attempted to treat these subjects sensitively, compassionately, and without gratuitous indulgence while not minimizing their seriousness. But only you as a reader can determine if you wish to join me on this journey.