What Comes After

Death isn’t what you think it is. I’ve been dead for three years now, and it’s nothing like I expected.

So begins one of the letters Lorna writes in therapy. Death therapy, that is. A wife and mother of two teenagers, Lorna still struggles with grief from losing her family after her untimely death. Fortunately, the afterlife is equipped with therapists to help new arrivals work through their issues and move on to better things. If only Lorna can learn to let go.

Then she meets Jackie, a murdered teen who requires such intense therapy that Lorna can’t find anyone willing to take her case. Hoping that Jackie can begin to heal if she understands what happened to her, Lorna agrees to help Jackie find her murderer.

A paranormal thriller with mainstream appeal, What Comes After is a stirring exploration of moving on from loss and finding hope in better things to come.

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Bandits Stolen Kiss small

The Bandit's Stolen Kiss (A Short Story)

This western romance came about as a result of a writing prompt that challenged me to write in a genre I don't usually read. As a result, it's thick with tropes and might offend a true connoisseur of the Wild West. Or romance. Or bandits. Or steam locomotives (though I did do a little bit of research in that area). But it was sure a lot of fun to write! (The title still makes me snicker.)

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Sweet Salty

A Sweet & Salty Summer (A Short Story)

This was my first attempt at writing any sort of romance from back in 2017. As a writing prompt, it was just a fun exercise to try something different. Since romance isn't a genre I'm comfortable with, I borrowed elements from one of the most delightful courtship stories I've ever heard -- a couple I admire whose romance has spanned decades and served as a foundation for generations. As is often the case, the truth is better than fiction.

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What do you do with a chance

Chasing chances

Two years ago I pitched one of my novels to an editor at a writing conference. It was...harrowing. As it turned out, the conference organizers muffed things, so I had to pitch to someone who didn't even work with adult fiction, but I decided to do it anyway for the practice. You might think I wouldn't even be nervous knowing that there was no chance it could go anywhere. Nope. Still terrifying.

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Caren Hahn

Caren Hahn writes relationship dramas in a variety of genres. With deeply empathetic characters and richly layered plots, readers of her fiction will enjoy an emotionally resonant experience. And have some fun along the way.

Caren is also the managing editor of Verso.ink, a new online community to bring the best emerging fiction to discerning readers and help authors grow their audiences. When she’s not writing or promoting the work featured on Verso.ink, she’s busy raising six avid readers and aspiring authors of her own.


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