What Comes After

Death isn’t what you think it is. I’ve been dead for three years now, and it’s nothing like I expected.

So begins one of the letters Lorna writes in therapy. Death therapy, that is. A wife and mother of two teenagers, Lorna still struggles with grief from losing her family after her untimely death. Fortunately, the afterlife is equipped with therapists to help new arrivals work through their issues and move on to better things. If only Lorna can learn to let go.

Then she meets Jackie, a murdered teen who requires such intense therapy that Lorna can’t find anyone willing to take her case. Hoping that Jackie can begin to heal if she understands what happened to her, Lorna agrees to help Jackie find her murderer.

A paranormal thriller with mainstream appeal, What Comes After is a stirring exploration of moving on from loss and finding hope in better things to come.

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Frost Under A Bright Moon

Frost Under A Bright Moon (A Short Story)

I wrote this holiday short story in one day as part of a writing camp exercise. The prompt was to write a scene or story based off a song. Although it was September, the song that happened to be in my head was a classic Christmas carol. (Guess which one...) Here's the description: Winston Kingsley's hollow life of luxury drives him to find purpose in rescuing struggling nonprofits. But when he visits an old Victorian home-turned-sanctuary for troubled teens, he learns that not all of his beneficiaries want his help.

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NaNoWriMo 2019 recap

Thanks to all those who joined me in November for this mad adventure of writing a rough draft of a novel in less than 30 days! I can’t tell you how much it helped to have little words of encouragement from those of you who were following along. Even though it was rough, even though there were typos and inconsistencies and gaps that I’ll have to fix later, just knowing that there were people who were looking forward to the next installment helped me have the courage to share it every day.

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Why I'm licking the restroom floor this NaNoWriMo

A psychologist who counseled children with severe anxiety once told me that when you have a fear of something specific, it can be useful to make yourself do something extreme to conquer that fear.

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Caren Hahn

Caren Hahn writes relationship dramas in a variety of genres. With deeply empathetic characters and richly layered plots, readers of her fiction will enjoy an emotionally resonant experience. And have some fun along the way.

Caren is also the managing editor of Verso.ink, a new online community to bring the best emerging fiction to discerning readers and help authors grow their audiences. When she’s not writing or promoting the work featured on Verso.ink, she’s busy raising six avid readers and aspiring authors of her own.


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