Caren Hahn

Pain of Betrayal

The Wallkeeper Trilogy, Book #2

Falling for her was his first mistake.

Under the threat of war in Endvar, Ria returns to Albon to find that her father has retreated to an unfinished tower to nurse his paranoid delusions. His anger against Merek has turned to violent rage, which escalates until Merek is arrested for treason. In a desperate attempt to save Merek, Ria risks the very relationship they’ve built, one which she hopes will lead to marriage and stability for herself and the kingdom.

But Merek isn’t interested in the kind of marriage Ria proposes, knowing that she doesn’t love him. Even as he wants to keep her at a distance, he finds himself unwillingly getting caught up in her schemes.

And this time, her dishonesty leads to disaster.

Pain of Betrayal is the gripping sequel to Burden of Power, with danger and relationships escalating in equal measure. Fans of the first book in the trilogy won't be able to put this installment down. Revisit the rick world of the Wallkeeper trilogy today!

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