Caren Hahn
Why, yes, I haven't had a haircut since January. How'd you guess?

Writing during a pandemic

If someone had asked me two months ago how I'd feel about having all my outside obligations grind to a halt and being forced to stay home, I would have responded with, "Sign me up for that!" I'd have dreamed of lazy days spent writing, finishing some projects, and getting serious about querying agents.

Ha! How naive I would have been!

Like you, the global pandemic hasn't turned out like I expected. I quickly abandoned my writing goals, and instead spent the early weeks holding weekly writing prompts to keep the creative juices flowing. It became a fun family affair for a while, with no pressure but plenty of sugar during our weekly prompt parties.

Because—like you—I always make good decisions during quarantine, I decided to compile some of these (and previous) stories into one quarantine collection! Download it for free!

But the sound judgment didn't stop there. Oh no. After years of flirting with the idea of self-publishing, I decided to jump in with both feet and publish the first volume in an epic trilogy. In two weeks.


On the plus side, knowing absolutely nothing about self-publishing means I can do nothing but improve, right?

Burden of Power is the first in an epic romantic fantasy trilogy featuring a complex plot with intrigue, action, and romance. (Think of it like a cleaner Game of Thrones with characters you'd actually want to be friends with.) Curious? Read more about it here.

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